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Chapter 1: Limiting the difference between your daily calorie consumption and daily calorie needs

Chapter 2: Burning off calories in place of calorie-restrictive diets

Chapter 3: Targeting fat loss in place of indiscriminate weight loss

Chapter 4: Monitoring changes in your body fat on a weekly basis

Chapter 5: Avoid juggling fat loss with lean gains

Chapter 6: Adopting the mind-set and approach of a whole new lifestyle

Chapter 7: The Holy Trinity of Health and Fitness

Chapter 8: Making careful plans before you begin your program, and ensuring the meticulous counting of calories informs those plans

Chapter 9: Optimising your macronutrient ratio

Chapter 10: Avoiding processed foods, high-fat foods, saturated fats and sugars

Chapter 11: Optimum daily meal frequencies

Chapter 12: Tapering your calories

Chapter 13: Avoiding late-night eating

Chapter 14: The myth of dietary supplements

Chapter 15: Setting clearly defined, numerical goals

Chapter 16: The progress chart

Chapter 17: Positive thinking

Chapter 18: Setting big goals

Chapter 19: Setting realistic deadlines

Chapter 2o: Short and long-term goals

Chapter 21: Outperforming previous personal bests

Chapter 22: Emotionalising all your goals

Chapter 23: Avoiding conflicting goals

Chapter 24: Banishing self-doubt and reading your goals with conviction

Chapter 25: The power of visualisation

Chapter 26: Good habits for life

Chapter 27: Cheat meals

Chapter 28: Staying motivated by revisiting past glories

Chapter 29: The unending battle against entropy

Chapter 30: Replacing bad habits with good ones

Chapter 31: Gaining and maintaining lean weight

Chapter 32: Favouring increased activity over calorie-restrictive diets

Chapter 33: Quantifying your goals and using numerical targets

Chapter 34: The health benefits of low body fat

Chapter 35: Dividing your weight into its lean and fat constituents and monitoring changes

Chapter 36: Calculating your target weight when your immediate goal is fat loss

Chapter 37: Interpreting the results from your progress chart as feedback, never failure

Chapter 38: Utilising the tried-and-tested methods that work

Chapter 39: Time for action

Chapter 40: Reacting to negative results with suitable alterations to your health and fitness program and developing your own unique approach

Chapter 41: Overcoming the inertia of an unhealthy lifestyle

Chapter 42: Breaking through fat loss plateaus

Chapter 43: Avoiding dieting and training adaptations

Chapter 44: Creating your calorie deficits through increased activity

Chapter 45: The importance of aerobic exercise

Chapter 46: Adjusting your approach through regular feedback

Chapter 47: Letting your results dictate your approach

Chapter 48: Evolving your own personal formula for success

Chapter 49: Becoming a morning person

Chapter 50: Defying your more ill-disposed genetic predispositions

Appendix Contents

I: The mind-body dichotomy: A philosophical digression (this essay is still available to read as an ‘Afterword to the Introduction’ on the main page of my Health and Fitness Blog)

A diatribe on advertising, consumerism and cultural conformity (addendum to Chapter 14, and still available to read on this site)

A new perspective on failure – effort vs. results (addendum to Chapter 37, and still available to read on this site)

Calculating your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and Daily Calorie Requirement (DCR)

Progress Chart template

Optimum daily meal plan examples

Interpreting your progress chart and adjusting your approach

Improving your food choices

A list of healthy foods sorted by food group

Selection chart for carbohydrates

Calorie and macronutrient look-up chart

XII: Charts for converting skinfold measurements in millimetres to body fat percentages (men and women)

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