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Maths Made TutoringWelcome to my Blog.

My name is Sean Maguire and I am the founder of Maths Made Elementary. I provide expert one-to-one maths tuition within North London to lower and upper secondary level students studying at Key Stages 3 and 4. For more information about me, and the services I offer, please check out my website at:

To help you keep both your finances and your physical health in excellent condition, I have included an accounting tutorial and a health and fitness guide on my Blog where you will find invaluable practical advice.

I will also be publishing various articles on a broad range of subjects, both academic and non-academic. The ‘Puzzles, Riddles, Brain-Teasers and Maths Problems’ secton of my blog will be dedicated to fine-tuning those all-important problem-solving skills and helping you strengthen your powers of deductive reasoning and lateral thinking. Hopefully these puzzles will prove to be a fun and interesting way to enhance your brain-power whilst keeping you mentally fit and active.

I will be enlarging my database of puzzles as often as I can so please check back frequently for the latest updates. Think of it as your regular mental aerobics class.

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