Health and Fitness 6

Chapter 6 – Adopting the mind-set and approach of a whole new lifestyle

Health and Fitness Blog 1Try to adopt a new lifestyle altogether when it comes to both the ways you eat (meal size and frequency) and the types of food that you eat.

Do not consider what you eat, how often you eat and how much you eat as a temporary measure or short-term diet.

Short-term diets do not work because they are temporary. You should therefore look to adopt nutrition habits that you can maintain for life. You can then adjust meal sizes as and when it suits you to lose fat weight, gain lean weight or maintain the same weight.

The only way you’ll ever lose fat and keep it off permanently is to adopt new habits and keep them for life. The problem with calorie-restrictive diets is that they lead to an inevitable loss of lean weight which adversely raises your fat-lean ratio. These types of diets may help you to lose weight overall short-term, but your body fat percentage will eventually increase on calorie-restrictive diets, thereby making you fatter.

Cutting back on calories too much will always backfire. The more you reduce your calorie intake, the more your body will fight to hold on to its fat stores. This is because any significant cutbacks in the number of calories you consume will signal the ‘starvation response’. When in starvation mode, fat stores become the equivalent of extremely precious calorie reservoirs, and so the body will try to retain as much of its precious fat as possible. A direct consequence of establishing a large calorie deficit in your diet is that your fat loss capabilities will rapidly enter a realm of diminishing returns first, followed by no returns, and then inevitably, adverse returns.

The key is to never allow your body to invoke its automatic starvation response. Eating frequently and avoiding calorie-restrictive diets is the best way to stay out of starvation mode. Nutrition and meal frequency strategies will be covered in more detail in upcoming chapters.

Inspirational quote:  He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear….. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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