Puzzles 3

Questions1. Two eight-year olds, Alex and Tim, were building sandcastles on the beach. Once they had had enough, they lay down on their backs for an hour on the sand and had a sleep. When they awoke, they both got up to have a game of football. Alex’s back was covered in sand, but Tim’s was not. Why then did Tim go and wash himself in the sea whilst Alex was content to stay on the beach?

2. Two judo experts take a bow and square off in a contest against one another. One is wearing a black belt, the other a brown belt. After a closely contested match, the black belt judo expert has the most points and is declared the winner, despite the fact that throughout the entire contest no man threw the other to the ground. Explain.

3. How many times does the digit “3” appear between 1 and 59?

4. How many times can you subtract 5 from 30?

5. Which statement is true out of the following?

‘One statement here is false.’

Two statements here are false.’

‘Three statements here are false.’




1. Tim saw Alex’s back covered with sand and assumed his was also, whereas Alex didn’t see any need to wash.

2. The two judo experts were both women

3. 15 times. Remember to count two 3’s for 33.

4. Once. After the first subtraction, you’re subtracting 5 from 25.

5. ‘Two statements here are false.’

‘One statement here is false.’

‘Two statements here are false.’

‘Three statements here are false.’

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