Puzzles 2

Questions1. An English-owned jet carrying one hundred and twenty French tourists home from a holiday resort in the Alps crash-lands on the border between Switzerland and Germany. Legally speaking, where should the survivors be buried?

2. A man walks into a bar and immediately falls unconscious. Why?

3. Two days ago David was 14 years old. Next year he will be 17 years old. How is this possible?

4. What can be seen in the middle of March and April that cannot be seen at the beginning or end of either month?

5. Mr and Mrs Smith, their two sons and a nephew are all waiting outside a photographic studio for another member of their family before having their family photo taken. A man walks past and both Mrs Smith and her nephew greet him simultaneously, “Hello, father!” Explain.



1. Legally speaking, survivors should not be buried (not even French ones!)

2. It was an iron bar!

3. Today is January 1st. David’s birthday was yesterday, December 31st, when he turned 15. Two days ago he was 14. He will be 16 this year and 17 the next.

4. The letter ‘R’.

5. The man in question was a priest.

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