Puzzles 6

Questions1. George says goodbye to his dad who is about to doze off in his armchair. He then runs out the door to be in time to catch his bus into town. When he gets on the bus, the bus driver smiles and says happily, “Hello son”. How can this be?

2. All the windows on all four sides of a house face south. How can this be?

3. What does a sphere have three of and a circle two of, but a point none of?

4. Which word do people in Scotland always pronounce reluctantly?

5. John makes a bet with Jane: “I bet you one pound that if you give me two pounds, I will give you three pounds in return”. Jane, who is often misled by her intuitions in these matters, instantly jumps at the chance and agrees to accept the bet. But is she wise to?


1. The bus driver is George’s mum.

2. The house is at the North Pole.

3. Dimensions.

4. Reluctantly.

5. Jane should have thought about this proposition a bit longer. If she gives John two pounds, John can willingly lose the bet and, in so doing, forfeit one pound. He has still made a profit of one pound for himself from the two pounds which Jane has handed over.

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